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We are “Hand Made Amber”, a Swiss webshop that sells real, unique and exclusive hand made amber artpieces. Our products are all unique, natural and made by hand. We personally control the whole process – from finding amber until the final product. In us, you can trust.

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Our Address

Roesslimattweg 183
CH-5033 Buchs AG
Europe / Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0)76 336 70 79
Email: (Please use the contact form to write us)

Opening Hours

Our webshop is open for you during 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Refund/Return Policy

Refund/Return Policy

Our right of return is / is based on the Swiss law for online trading. We are in Switzerland and operate under Swiss law. For details see: “Return and refund when buying online“.


Return process and return costs

The return process is based on a request, which is started by the buyer via contact form and checked by the sales and possibly approved / or rejected. Costs of shipping at the time of purchase and if necessary on return (should this be approved) are to be borne by the buyer.


Delivery with defects

Our goods are packed very well and transport damage can almost be ruled out. If you receive an item but defective, we can repair the defect for you. In this case please also send an application via contact form.